fading memories mix

Memories are killing. So you must not think of certain things, of those that are dear to you, or rather you must think of them, for if you don’t there is the danger of finding them, in your mind, little by little. – Samuel Beckett

Download the mix direct from here (39 Mb)

1.  The Advisory Circle – The TV trap
2.  Number station sample
3.  Emily In Love – Sow the Seeds
4.  Junior Boys – Dull to Pause
5.  Matthew Dear – Deserter
6.  Boards of Canada – The Color of the Fire
7.  Emily In Love – Jellybean
8.  Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl’s A Computer
9.  Mt Kimbie – Maybes
10. The Xx – Basic Space (Pariah mix)
11. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison mix)
12. The Field – Kappsta
13. Swedish rhapsody number station sample
14. Boards of Canada – Beware the Friendly Stranger
15. Slowdive – Alison

*note:  If any copyright holders of any of the songs object to their usage, leave a comment and I will remove the mix.


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Amazing minimal garage from Keysound recordings in the form of Kowton’s “Stasis.”  Not much more than a key stab and some drums, this track swings like a vintage El-B beat.  Lovely stuff.  This flipside (which is the second half of the youtube) is a pretty nice dubby 4/4 garage piece too.

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Awhile back, I posted a fanmade video for a Boards of Canada song, I thought it was about time for a new one.  This one uses 80s tv ads from the UK, primarily telecommunications.  Interestingly, the juxtaposition imbues the commercials with a real pathos.  What was once futuristic and optimistic now seems impossibly outdated.  Beautiful stuff.

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Sow the Seeds

So there’s a new video up for “Sow the Seeds” up.  It uses lots of stock footage, home videos, all Creative Commons licensed and everything.  Quite pleased 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Emily’s just emerged from the studio humming a new song she’s been working on and would like to share with us. Called Remember When, Emily says this is pretty much a finished mix. To my ears it signals an emerging change of direction in the EIL sound – definitely electropop, with a bit of a funk/garage influence, I haven’t been able to stop singing the chorus since I first heard it! – but why not give it a listen and decide for yourself?

Remember When is available for download as a free MP3 from here.

Happy New Year!

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in breaking octopus news…

[picture of an octopus wearing a robot as a pair of pants]

Australian researchers have observed octopuses using coconut shells as tools.  Octopuses apparently use the shells as disguises and protection, a  use of tools that places the octopus among the most badarse of animals.  We can only hope that one day they’ll evolve to learn the most sophisticated form of disguise – comedy mustaches and hilarious French accents.

I for one welcome our new eight-tentacled overlords.

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Don’t talk to strangers

Nice fan-made video of Ariel Pink’s “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”  Ariel Pink makes this kind of retro pop-rock, distorted and staticy–like old tapes that have been dubbed from other dubs.

Wait, does anyone remember tapes?  Just me, then.

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One louder

So I’ve been thinking, and what I’ve been thinking is that what the world needs, really, is… tiny Lego guitars!

(Via LegoWow on Flickr)

…As long as there’s, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll….

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Pingu pingu

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Now that’s a concept album…

Apparently Matthew Herbert is making an album entitled The Pig about, yup, the life cycle of a pig.  According to his blog for the project:

“in 2010 i will release a record entitled ‘the pig’
it will be made up entirely of sounds made during the life cycle of a pig.
i will be there at its birth
during its life
present at its death
and during the butchery process.
its body will then be given to chefs new and old
there will be a feast
it will all be recorded

and then turned in to music”

He’s an odd man, is Herbert.  His notorious PCC manifesto was half a manifesto for new sound (no samples you haven’t made yourself, no synth presets) and half traditionalist (use “real” instruments like a piano rather than a synth emulation).  His music is a kind of retrofuturism, glitchy percussion mixed with 40s jazz.  It remains to be seen how amazing The Pig is, but his concepts have delivered extraordinary results before, as with the Bodily Functions album (which the above “It’s Only” is taken from).  His manifesto doesn’t seem to make total philosophical sense, but Herbert’s dedication to concept as well as form is impressive.  Colour me intrigued on this one, to say the least.

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